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  • Programing C, Java, Python and Objective-C on varying platforms including iOS and Android;
  • Computer vision motion analysis, action recognition, face recognition, object recognition;
  • Machine learning sparse learning, multiple task learning, statistical learning;
  • Deep Learning Convolution neural networks, recurrent neural network/long short term memory.


  • Bachelor, Beijing Normal Univerity, 2005~2009, EE;

  • Ph.D., Arizona State University, 2009~2014, CS;

    • Sparse learning and face recogniton;
    • Multi-task learning and attribute learning;
    • Video analysis and motion skill analysis.
    • Dissertation and book.


  • Software Engineer, Google, 2016~now.

    • Android Camera App. I worked on Camera App of Google’s 2016/2017 Pixel Phones, which has obtain the highest DXO score among the smartphones.
    • Android camera app video pipeline. Dedicated to improve stability, quality and battery consumption.
  • Staff Software Engineer, Samsung, 2014~2016.

    • Lead algorithm and software development for 3D camera (time of flight, ToF);

      • Improve depth quality over noise and motion blur;
      • Optimize the code for real time performance on mobile platforms, e.g., ARM, Mali GPU and CEVA MM3101 (Inutive 3000) DSP;
    • Research and develop deep learning algorithms;

      • Develop deep learning algorithms for varying tasks, including image recognition, object detection, image quality assessment, image processing, image captioning, speech recongition and machine translation;
      • Optimize deep learning algorithms for mobile platform (deep learning chip) with lower power consumption, better speed and reduced memory footprint;
      • Rich experience with both convolution neural network and recurrent neural network, and familar popular deep learning packages, including caffe, Theano (Keras) and tensor flow;
    • Develop algorithm for high quality multi-frame super-resolution optimized for dynamic scene;
    • Several patents (US9665927, US15/076203, US15/075076, US4/931843, US14/856552, US14/836901) and papers;
  • Intern, Qualcomm, 2012.

    • Algorithm design and development for optical base multi-touch system;
    • Winner of 2nd prize in Qualcomm Qtech 2012 and two patents (US20140264034 A1, WO2014158946 A1, US9109949);
  • Intern, Sharp Laboratory of America, 2011.

    • Algorithm design and development for defect detection;
    • Algorithm development for template based image matching.
    • Codes deployed in commercial products and filed as US patent (US8705839 B2);
  • Research Assistant, Arizona State Univeristy, 2009~2015.

    • Automatically evaluate the motion skills in surgical simulation with tracking-free approaches.

      • Learn discriminative models from relative labels which relaxes the labeling requirement.
      • Capable of extract the temporal dynamics from the video to facilitate the detailed analysis;
    • Propose a discriminative dictionary learning algorithm to improve the sparse representation based face recognition system.

      • Reduce the dictionary size without compromising the accuracy.
      • Further reduce the dictionary size and improve the accuracy via learning a decomposition of face images into physically meaningful components;
    • Learn multiple classifiers jointly via multi-task learning.

      • Exploit relative labels to abandon the requirement of the tradition labeling.
      • Succeeded in varying applications including motion analysis, image classification and image co-segmentation;
    • Build vision-based human-robot interaction in indoor environment

      • Capable of following target-subject in complex environment
      • Interact via vision based gesture recognition in real time;
    • Enhance the non-refence image quality assessment via the guidance of visual saliency;


  • Samsung Best Paper Award 2015 Merit Award (50 out of 1100 candidates)
  • Samsung Best Patent Review Committee Member Golden Awards 2015
  • University Graduate Fellowship Award, 2013.4, 2009.9
  • Qualcomm Qtech 2012 2nd Prize, 2012.6
  • Outstanding Volunteer Service Award by ACM MM 2011, 2011.11


  • Volunteer of IEEE IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2010, 2013, ACM Multimedia 2011
  • Reviewer of IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) 2015, International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) 2015, 2016, IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2015, 2016,
  • Reviewer of International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics (JMLC)
  • Reviewer of IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
  • Reviewer of Elsevier Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation, Elsevier Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Elsevier Pattern Recognition, Elsevier Information Fusion, Elsevier Signal Processing: Image Communication, Elsevier Journal of Systems and Software
  • Reviewer of SPIE Journal of Electronic Imaging
  • Reviewer of Journal of Multimedia, Journal of Computers
  • Reviewer of Springer International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics, Springer Computational and Applied Mathematics