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Glyphicons from Bootstrap has very useful and popular, when you need some simple icon. However, in Bootstrap 4, the Glyphicons has been removed. However, it does suggestion several alternatives to achieve the same purpose:

  • the upstream version of Glyphicons, which is NOT free to use;
  • Octicons, which is free to use;
  • Font Awesome, which is free to use;
  • open-iconic, which is also free to use;
  • feature, which is also free to use. One of the best thing is that it provides native support of react react-feather.
  • react-icons, which is also free to use and contains most popular icons.

Some other icons worth of mentioning:

  • Super Tiny Social Icons, which contains miniscule SVG versions of your favourite logos; Github
  • flag-icon-css, which is a collection of all country flags in SVG — plus the CSS for easier integration. US
  • Fashion-MNIST, which is a collection dresses in the style of MNIST. Fashion-MNIST
Written on August 23, 2017