Set up Obsidian to Work with Zotero

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This is my set up to enable Obsidian work with Zotero to export Zotero note and publish to my Github website. You could create your own website on Github using JekyII, which requires you to create markdown files with a specific front matter format. Then Github will publish your markdown files to html.

To start please make sure you have installed [obsidian-zotero-integration]( and followed the set ups there. Then you could use my template described below.

Plugin Setting

This is my configuration of obsidian-zotero-integration:


Please refer to my template but make sure to change to your own link.

How to Use

  1. open command palette to select Zotero Intergation: import #1;
  2. in the prompt, put your cite key of paper you want to import from Zotero;
  3. after note generated, rename the note as YYYY-mm-dd-title;
  4. optionally, update the contents of notes as you wish;
  5. commit the diff to Github to publish: git add . and git commit -a -m "some message".
Written on August 23, 2023