Convert OnePlus 10 Pro from Chinese ColorOS to International OxygenOS

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This my note on how to convert a OnePlus 10 Pro Chinese version (NE2210) to EU version (NE2213). This version doesn’t need root and bootloader is locked, thus all software will work perfectly. This conversion will require good knowledge of Android (adb, fastboot), a Windows machine and some software. IT HAS RISKS OF BRICKING DEVICE.

Version of OnePlus 10 Pro

According to this xda-developers post, OnePlus 10 Pro has the following version

  • NE2210: Chinese version, comes with ColorOS, a lot of Chinese specialized bloatware. It DOES have Google service;
  • NE2211: India (IN) version, comes with OxygenOS
  • NE2213: European (EU) version, comes with OxygenOS
  • NE2215: North America (NA) version or glbobal version, comes with OxygenOS

NE2210 is less than $600 now in China but NE2215 still asks for $800. However, it was told all those versions have the exact the same hardware specs (including 5G band) and the other difference is software. Thus you could save $200 dollars by buying NE2210 and convert to other versions.

If you are interested in specs, please check out gsmarena. Just be caveat, OnePlus 10 Pro is based on Qualcomm 8 Gen 1, which is known to be not good in battery.

How To Convert

It is based on tutorials from DrodWin


You will need the following tools:


  1. download all the necessary tools above;
  2. install oneplus usb driver.
    1. Please also disable window’s driver signiature verification according to How to Disable Driver Signature Enforcement on Windows 11, otherwise fastboot enhance may stuck at switching to fastbootd mode;
  3. unblock the bootloader of the phone according to How to Unlock Bootloader on OnePlus 10 Pro. Your phone will be wiped out;
  4. perform device flashing according to Convert OnePlus 10 Pro from Chinese ColorOS to International OxygenOS using fastboot enhance
    1. make sure the firmware payload.bin is complete by using payload dumper tab of fastboot enhance. One of my old Windows machine report error on that tab;
  5. after flashing and reboot, go to developer options and untoggle unlock bootloader;
  6. use adb reboot bootloader to lock the boot loader as reverse operation of How to Unlock Bootloader on OnePlus 10 Pro
  7. it will wipe your device again; if not, please manually swipe/factory reset your device;
  8. boot your headset and use it normally.

Problem with NE2215

I first tried to use NA firmware i.e., NE2215. However after flashing, my USB doesn’t work anymore (no power charging, no USB connection). Factory reset doesn’t help. To fix this I need to go to NE2213 (EU version).

  1. install Oxygen Updater from play store;
  2. select EU or NE2213 as region and select full update;
  3. download the firmware update according to the suggestion in the app. It would be 4~5GB and takes some time to download;
  4. download and install OPLocalUpdate_For_Android13.apk;
  5. open the OPLocalUpdate_For_Android13.apk and install local update. It should show the firmware downloaded by Oxygen Updater.
  6. install the update. It may take few minutes and please patient;
  7. after update, it should reboot;
  8. [optional] swipe or factory reset your phone.
Written on October 18, 2022