Franchise, a SQL notebook

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Franchise is a lightweight but powerful SQL tool with a notebook interface. You can use it online at You can query SQL as easy as Jupyter notebook, which is very popular for Python.

Franchise is pretty cool

  • There’s no sign up and no install
    • For editing CSVs, JSON, XLSX files, we’ve integrated js-xlsx, and sql.js so you can query data entirely locally in your browser
    • For connecting to PostgreSQL, MySQL, or BigQuery, just run a single command in your terminal to open a bridge that allows Franchise to directly connect to your database. Your data never touches a third party server.
  • Chart with a single click
  • Compare queries side by side

Running Locally

There’s an online version of franchise right here.

Otherwise, here’s how to build this project:

  1. If you don’t have npm or yarn, install yarn.

  2. Open up a terminal and run

     git clone --depth 1
  3. cd into the project directory
     cd franchise
  4. Install the project dependencies
     yarn install

    (you can also run npm install)

  5. Start the dev server
     yarn start

    (you can also run npm start)

  6. Open up a browser and go to http://localhost:3000

  7. Edit some files in franchise/src.

    When you save your edits, and the browser will automatically reload.

  8. (optional) Add a bunch of great functionality and send a PR!
Written on September 24, 2017